Totem Time!

Finally got around to playing Triforce heroes today with Toni and another friend, which turned out to be gloriously dumb fun, as any good co-op game tends to be.  The story leaves a little to be desired, the most generous way of describing it would be a parody of other Zelda games, but it kind of works because it cuts through the rubbish and let’s you just play the co-op missions.

The main mechanic is picking other players up to gain height, but this leads to some issues on the dismounts, with people frequently ending up in lava, sometimes deliberately.  All hell really broke loose when we all got boomerangs, which can now pick up other players…

The bonus missions seemed properly difficult as well, with us making numerous attempts to complete the timed version of just the very first level.  The communication that we’d started to do so well at completely fell apart under pressure…


I’ve just been in a boxing match with a Tibetan monk

Had a bit of a busy end to the week at work with a couple of late nights, but all happy now, so that’s good.  I get to have a nice relaxing weekend now, which I didn’t get last week 😉

I’ve got a couple of things I’d still like to do, one of which is coming up with some kart racesuit ideas, I should post some of my ideas tomorrow or the day after.  The other thing is more baking, likely Toni-proof mince pies (it’s not too late!)

Finally, a couple of us have started a Pathfinder (like D&D) campaign at work. I shall play the roll of Brian (Blessed) the dwarf sorcer AND YOU SHALL FEAR MY FIREBALLS (NB: Dwarves do not have the stats to be good sorcerers…)

Chris runs stupidly far…

So I’ve got two big running events already lined up this year.  The first is Wings for Life World run on the 8th May.  Basically you start running, half an hour later a chaser car sets off and your race ends when the car overtakes you.  I’ve done it the past two years reaching 24km and 27km respectively.  This year, I’m looking at improving that further, but may be hindered by the other event.

Two weeks earlier the London Marathon is taking place, for which I’ve got a ballot place, yay!  The furthest I’ve done before is a little over half marathon (27km in wings for life involved a bit of walk-jog-walk-jog towards the end), so a full marathon will be a new challenge for me.

I’m intending to take the opportunity to raise some money, as it’s both two events I’m doing , plus I’m going a little further than normal.  My charity will be Wings for Life (spinal cord research), as I do think it’s a fantastic charity and Red Bull pays all the admin fees.  I haven’t set up a page yet, but I’ll probably do that soon…

Races and Games

So I’ve been starting to realise today that it’s only about a month and a half until the first kart race of the season.  Given I wanted to get some new, possibly customised, gear for the new season, that’s not very long to get myself sorted.

I’ve typically raced in black because that’s just what I’ve had available, but if I went for a customized suit I’d probably stick with it, but with lashing of bright red and blue.  It might end up looking red vs blue themeed, but that would actually be quite cool.  Another alternative would be one based off Blanka from street fighter

Also, I’ve up and made a page to keep track of games I’ve started, played and finished this year, although don’t expect any to be finished for a while.  If you want a look, you can find it here

And breathe…

Things are looking to be heading in the right direction for Toni’s final year project, so the atmosphere is a little more calm now.  I even have time to start writing this before midnight 🙂

I made a Quinoa Mac & Cheese (without the mac) last night, which was actually really nice.  Don’t be fooled by the use of quinoa, it’s not at all healthy, there’s still 50g cheese and 3 rashers of bacon per portion. Recipe is here if you’re interested, although I might make some as yet undecided tweaks when I make it in the future.

I’ve got quite a lot of recipes that I like making now, both sticking the original and with various modifications.  I’m not up for turning this into a food blog, but will almost certainly post some recipes from time to time (also, looking at the usual food blogs, I need to take tons of pictures of the food and have a long winding irrelevant anecdote about my 2 dogs)


P.S. I don’t actually have any dogs

P.P.S.  I only wrote my name up there so I could do a P.S., how should P.Ss normally work on blogs?

First day back at work

First day back at work after the new year today.  Pretty standard day doing pretty standard stuff…  Actually felt quite productive, as despite feeling as though I was working slowly, the time was going even slower.

I’m worried this is going to be a long week and I’m not helping myself in the evenings.  I ended up making soup and portabello mushroom pizzas for dinner, plus making more dough to use up a bunch of pasty mixture I had left over from yesterday.  All this cooking is good, but I really feel like I need to be spending the time going over Toni’s final year project with her.  Hopefully cooking shouldn’t take so long tomorrow…

Saw that coming…

So my nephew kicked my butt at Splatoon.  I mean it wasn’t a complete walkover, I won a turf war (which really doesn’t work as a 1v1), had a very close back and forth tower control (which does) that he won, then he trounced me at rainmaker (also doesn’t work as a 1v1).  I could wax lyrical about losing because of not choosing the right weapons, or being out of practice, or playing on a smaller TV, but ultimately the difference is at this very point, I’m not as good.  I was playing some turf war online afterwards and think I’m getting back into the swing of things, but there’s still work to do…

While Splatoon was my game of 2015, Xenoblade is an early contender for 2016.  I still haven’t played enough to solidfy my views on the game as a whole, but 45 hours in, I’m really enjoying it.  The battle system is enough to keep me entertained, I’m finding the story and sidequests both interesting and entertaining and they game looks lovely too.  Exploring the huge open world is a joy, but I sometimes wish once I reach the top of a mountain, I could just glide to somewhere else I can see

I might do something I’ve meant to do for the past few years and start a page of games I’ve played, finished (story-wise) and completed (100%) this year…


Good Start…

So the blog post I made yesterday, I accidentally posted on my old blog instead of here.  Very smart…

I’ve been helping Toni with shifting her final year project into LaTex today. It’s really quite tedious and draining to work with, but it does make everything look really neat and tidy when it’s done at least, which is nice.

Also, finally played a bit more Splatoon today (definitely my favourite game of 2015, not that I played a huge amount of others).  My 8 year old nephew has challenged me to some games in it and he says he’s going to kick my butt.  Even if I wasn’t out of practice, that’s probably the likely outcome, but I’d like to put up a good fight…

2016 Todo List

  • Write some blog posts (maybe)
  • Finish high up in the club 100 lightweight championship
  • Make more stuff like This
  • Sort out the various websites I’ve got
  • Make sure Toni doesn’t lose her mind over her final year of uni
  • Play some more games
  • Actually make another game
  • Get better at finishing todo lists