Club100 Rnd 2 – Rye House (Was wet)

Coming up to last Sunday, I was acutely aware of the forecast.  Rain the previous night, but due to be clear and sunny until about 11am when some heavy showers might kick in.  This meant that while qualifying might be dry, the races would be wet, something I’m not too used to dealing with in the club100s after an almost entirely dry year last year.

I had two 15 minute sessions of practice in the morning, on a track that was drying from the night before.  The first was mostly dry, yet puddles changed the lines around some corners.  My times weren’t amazing, but were sensible and I stayed out of trouble.  The second session was completely dry and I could start to really get the lap times down.  By the end of the session, I was only 10th fastest, but this turned out to be only 0.3 seconds behind the leader in an oddly close practice session.

As predicated, the track was still dry when we came to qualifying.  I was out in the first group, although a very light drizzle put me on edge and told me I’d need to set a fast lap as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, I got stuck in all heaps of traffic for the first couple of laps.  After navigating some slower people, with similarly paced drivers still around me, I backed off a bit to give myself a couple of seconds gap.  This did the trick and was half a second faster than anything else I set the session.  Being called for weigh-in at the end told me it was good and a quick jog to the timing screens told me I was top!

The next session just got underway when the torrential rain started.  No-one had set a time, so the “differing sessions” rule would be applied, with my session lining up on the right and the second session lining up on the left of the grid.  The plus side of this meant that I had pole, yay!  The downside was everyone in the second session had a taste of the wet conditions and would likely start of a little stronger in the races.

Given my lack of experience in the wet recently, I was focused on damage control: not spinning.  The first race ended up being on a track that was in the process of drying and there were already a few dry patches.  Care would still be required though.  As pole-man pace-setter at the start, I dropped the hammer as late as possible so that I would’ve have to guess the braking point into the first corner too much.  The inside line was slippery though and second place ran around the outside of me.  He had the jump leading up to the infield hairpin but went wide and I retook the place (I was very strong at the infield hairpin all day, not sure what it was).  A bit more dicing gave him the inside going into the last corner, but I turned on a dry patch on the outside of the corner and shot past down the straight.  My pace wasn’t enough though and repeated mistakes in complex Nouvelle left me losing places until I dropped to 4th.  A quick look behind told me I wasn’t in any danger of dropping any further, but I didn’t have enough pace to challenge and bring any positions back.

A 4th place finish meant a 4th place start for race 2 (under last years rules, I would’ve been 5th, so I had pretty good pace compared to the field as a whole).  The race started in the midst of the end of another shower, making the track a lot wetter.  I still felt pretty comfortable, but was aware I’d need to be careful not to spin.


Me in the #8 kart in my shiny (but slightly hidden) new racesuit

The start was a little scrapier, briefly dropping to 8th on the first corner, but my strong performance at the hairpin madeup for it.  The little battle I was involved in got pretty intense and the top 3 quickly broke away.  A battle I had with two others was quickly joined by a fourth when they got the jump on all of us up the inside of stadium.  Finally working my way past the previous two battlees, I started putting pressure on the guy who’d snuck past us.  I was faster into Pylon and the infield hairpin and got alongside a couple of times, but their strength at the final corner always let them pull away.  While frustrating, I kept the kart pointing in the right direction until the end and finished a respectable 5th, which made up for being completely covered in rain water and grit.

A 4th and 5th goes some way to recovering from the poor day at Buckmore, but I’ll need to keep the momentum going to Lydd and hopefully to Whilton (which was a weak track for me last year).  My exclusion from Buckmore’s first race means I’m only 22nd in the championship, but that score will be dropped by the end of the season and the results so far are competitive enough to be running towards the top (aside from the championship leader with 4 wins, the top results are quite spread out).  Lydd is in 3 weeks and marks the beginning of my month of chaos, so the waiting being anew…

The full (official) race report can be found on the club100 site here:

Tom Golding Does It Again, Ahead Of Hale & Theodorou. But What About The Weather?


DJ Sushi?

I’ve started work on Toni’s birthday stuff (which is on Saturday).  I’d talk about it more, but I know she reads this and I want to keep it a surprise. The kitchen did smell goooooood last night though 🙂

Also, I finished my first game of 2016 yesterday, yay!  Was actually a game I hadn’t been trying to finish before now, Splatoon.  Definitely my favourite game of last year, but the campaign was secondary to the core experience.  I’d been roughly half way through the campaign and had some time last night, so decided to blitz through the rest of it (it’s not too long).  My completion criteria is all of the campaign collectibles, the amiibo levels, level 50 and S rank, so I may be a little off of that still.

Jumped online afterwards and went back to using a charger (a more sniper type weapon) and realized I’m a hell of a lot better at doing that than trying to use the shorter range stuff.  I ended the evening with a turf war game where from having held a defensive position in the middle of the map, I finished with just shy of 1000 points, 8 kills and 0 deaths, with my team romping the victory.

Normal Bloggery Stuff

I’ve not had enough to write a whole blog post about in the past week or so, but enough things have probably piled up now to make a few bullet point updates.

-Running is ramping up heavily (although hampered a little the past couple of days by a cold).  I ran almost 50km last week, ending in a 22km run (in stupid winds).  I now feel more prepared for the marathon than for the first karting event.

-The first round of the karting championship is in a little over two weks now and I don’t feel prepared.  I’m not sure there’s all that much I CAN do, but it will have been 3 months since I last raced, so I probably just worry I’m going to be a little rusty.  I’ve got an hour’s session practice in the morning, so it should all be fine…

-I ordered the racesuit, which should just about arrive in time.  I went with a slightly modified red vs blue design in the end, following a discussion that the tron one might look a bit generic.

-Last week’s D&D was reasonably uneventful (we got attacked by some goblins, Brian was loud, Maldred stabbed stuff, Yu punched stuff, Andreas was naked and overslept).  It’s my turn to write out what happened this week, which was a little more eventful, so  I’ll probably just turn that into a blog post too

-Made these for dinner this evening and may have a new top contender in the “Quick, easy and tasty” category 🙂

I’ve just been in a boxing match with a Tibetan monk

Had a bit of a busy end to the week at work with a couple of late nights, but all happy now, so that’s good.  I get to have a nice relaxing weekend now, which I didn’t get last week 😉

I’ve got a couple of things I’d still like to do, one of which is coming up with some kart racesuit ideas, I should post some of my ideas tomorrow or the day after.  The other thing is more baking, likely Toni-proof mince pies (it’s not too late!)

Finally, a couple of us have started a Pathfinder (like D&D) campaign at work. I shall play the roll of Brian (Blessed) the dwarf sorcer AND YOU SHALL FEAR MY FIREBALLS (NB: Dwarves do not have the stats to be good sorcerers…)

Races and Games

So I’ve been starting to realise today that it’s only about a month and a half until the first kart race of the season.  Given I wanted to get some new, possibly customised, gear for the new season, that’s not very long to get myself sorted.

I’ve typically raced in black because that’s just what I’ve had available, but if I went for a customized suit I’d probably stick with it, but with lashing of bright red and blue.  It might end up looking red vs blue themeed, but that would actually be quite cool.  Another alternative would be one based off Blanka from street fighter

Also, I’ve up and made a page to keep track of games I’ve started, played and finished this year, although don’t expect any to be finished for a while.  If you want a look, you can find it here

And breathe…

Things are looking to be heading in the right direction for Toni’s final year project, so the atmosphere is a little more calm now.  I even have time to start writing this before midnight 🙂

I made a Quinoa Mac & Cheese (without the mac) last night, which was actually really nice.  Don’t be fooled by the use of quinoa, it’s not at all healthy, there’s still 50g cheese and 3 rashers of bacon per portion. Recipe is here if you’re interested, although I might make some as yet undecided tweaks when I make it in the future.

I’ve got quite a lot of recipes that I like making now, both sticking the original and with various modifications.  I’m not up for turning this into a food blog, but will almost certainly post some recipes from time to time (also, looking at the usual food blogs, I need to take tons of pictures of the food and have a long winding irrelevant anecdote about my 2 dogs)


P.S. I don’t actually have any dogs

P.P.S.  I only wrote my name up there so I could do a P.S., how should P.Ss normally work on blogs?

First day back at work

First day back at work after the new year today.  Pretty standard day doing pretty standard stuff…  Actually felt quite productive, as despite feeling as though I was working slowly, the time was going even slower.

I’m worried this is going to be a long week and I’m not helping myself in the evenings.  I ended up making soup and portabello mushroom pizzas for dinner, plus making more dough to use up a bunch of pasty mixture I had left over from yesterday.  All this cooking is good, but I really feel like I need to be spending the time going over Toni’s final year project with her.  Hopefully cooking shouldn’t take so long tomorrow…

Saw that coming…

So my nephew kicked my butt at Splatoon.  I mean it wasn’t a complete walkover, I won a turf war (which really doesn’t work as a 1v1), had a very close back and forth tower control (which does) that he won, then he trounced me at rainmaker (also doesn’t work as a 1v1).  I could wax lyrical about losing because of not choosing the right weapons, or being out of practice, or playing on a smaller TV, but ultimately the difference is at this very point, I’m not as good.  I was playing some turf war online afterwards and think I’m getting back into the swing of things, but there’s still work to do…

While Splatoon was my game of 2015, Xenoblade is an early contender for 2016.  I still haven’t played enough to solidfy my views on the game as a whole, but 45 hours in, I’m really enjoying it.  The battle system is enough to keep me entertained, I’m finding the story and sidequests both interesting and entertaining and they game looks lovely too.  Exploring the huge open world is a joy, but I sometimes wish once I reach the top of a mountain, I could just glide to somewhere else I can see

I might do something I’ve meant to do for the past few years and start a page of games I’ve played, finished (story-wise) and completed (100%) this year…


Good Start…

So the blog post I made yesterday, I accidentally posted on my old blog instead of here.  Very smart…

I’ve been helping Toni with shifting her final year project into LaTex today. It’s really quite tedious and draining to work with, but it does make everything look really neat and tidy when it’s done at least, which is nice.

Also, finally played a bit more Splatoon today (definitely my favourite game of 2015, not that I played a huge amount of others).  My 8 year old nephew has challenged me to some games in it and he says he’s going to kick my butt.  Even if I wasn’t out of practice, that’s probably the likely outcome, but I’d like to put up a good fight…