LaSer Team

We went to the London showing of Rooster Teeth’s lazer team today, which was a hell of a lot of fun!  I was a little worried that the crowd was going to be unnecessarily loud and boisterous, especially given some weird cheers at some of the trailers. Luckily, it ended up being a pretty normal fan crowd, which are always great, “getting” more of the jokes and generally being quite cheerful.  It was incredibly funny with some fantastic moments and I was surprised by the quality of the story and how well it was paced too.  Definitely felt like a normal movie release with a decent budget, rather than a crowdfunded flick from a small time internet videos company. 😉

Unfortunately, I worry it might be difficult to recommend.  It felt like a lot of the biggest jokes relied on familiarity with Rooster Teeth’s other stuff, pretty much fan service if you will.  That being said, most weren’t “in-jokes” per say, just nods to other things that Rooster Teeth have done (the best joke of the movie in my opinion relying on it, but still being a beautiful setup regardless).  I would expect for anyone unfamiliar with Rooster Teeth it would fall under “Enjoyable Romp”.  The bigger recommendation would be to go and watch a bunch of Rooster Teeth’s other stuff first, because most of it is pretty good…