Pathfinder: The Fishing Village Saga – The Final Chapter

Yes, we spent 5 sessions dealing with a goddamn fishing village…

Brian – Me – Dwarven Sorcerer
Yu – Craig – Half-Orc Monk
Maldon – David – Human Rogue
Andreas – Fernando – Elven fighter

The goblins had made their first strike, shaking the whole village awake.  Andreas did a top job of waking up Ulrich and his mistress (Yelling ‘FIRE’ then standing in the doorway).  Those leaving their homes were greeted with the unfolding scene: Ulrich’s house/the village hall was now fully ablaze and a group of zombies were shuffling their way into the village.

This led us to coming up with a new wintery song:
“Well the zombies are frightful, but the fire….is also frightful,
but since we’ve nowhere to go, Flurry of Blows, Flurry of Blows, Flurry of Blows”

Our brave party took the zombies head on, except for Brian who took pot shots from a distance and missed a lot.  We almost stopped all of the zombies from threatening the villagers, but after a tug of war with one of the hut’s doors, one broke in and started mauling the lusty bench [sic].  After dealing with his own undead concerns, Maldron headed in the direction the zombies had come from, but his limited vision in the dark meant he could only just make out a couple of hobgoblin figures and the sound of a large wheeled contraption (a catapult?)

He returned to find the rest of the party moping up the remains of the final zombie, but the lusty bench lay bleeding out on the doorstep.  In one quick swoop, he took the mysterious amulet, uttered the incantation and grasped her throat, sucking out her soul.  This left him with some minor buffs, but an awful lot of explaining to do…

Maldron was ordered our of the village immediately, with the intention of the rest of us following, but Brian took this opportunity to maybe get a bit of information.  Threatening Ulrich with the prospect of Maldron coming back in the dead of night to get the information, he demanded that Ulrich revealed why he had had suspicions of us, the amulet and had previously had no interest in us going after the goblins.  Before being turfed out, we didn’t really receive any real answers to these, apart from the fact that Ulrich might have been in the same situation as us at one time. We could even go so far to guess that he was in the party that took down one of the lady’s first captors (the one of the four statues that was destroyed)

Back in the forest, without a proper nights rest and rather pissed off at Maldron, the party started putting some distance between themselves and the village before setting up camp.  However, they hadn’t gotten far before spotting yet another group of goblins in the forest.  With goblins as yet unaware of the our presence and wanting to avoid a fight, we hid our sledge and all climbed up trees.  The sledge hiding wasn’t fantastic, however and the goblins pretty much stumbled over it on entering the area.

“Leave ye sledge be, or get your asses kicked”, or words to those effect, Maldron yelled from his tree-top hiding spot.  The goblins laughed, even if he wasn’t the only one they’d have to beat, the sledge gave them more than enough impetus to fight.  So the rain of death began….

Brian, having re-centered his aim, headshotted one of the little ones straight off the bat.  Yu hit a larger one with a shuriken, but with little effect. What did have an effect was him jumping down from the tree and hammering it home with a double-crit punch, hitting that point in a goblin’s body where the whole thing just explodes into a fine dust.  Unfazed by his now non-existent buddy’s death, the other hobgoblin swiped Yu into a tree, leaving him unconcious and bleeding out.  This was not enough to secure his safety, however, as the rest of the party quickly subdued him.

Now we have a subject to torture for information, suggested Maldron…


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