Pathfinder: The Fishing Village Saga Pt 1

Brian – Me – Dwarven Sorcerer
Yu – Craig – Half-Orc Monk
Maldon – David – Human Rogue
Andreas – Fernando – Elven fighter

After Andreas and Yu sheepishly returned from their jaunt through the woods, Maldron had the good grace to wake up as well.  Completely oblivious of the damage we’d dealt him, he just thought that he’d had a nap.  We carried on around the lake and quickly came across a ring, surrounded by rocks with what appeared to be dried blood in a rough circle around it.  Shortly thereafter, we spotted a small village just a bit further along.

Not knowing what to expect (we’d mostly met goblins so far), Brian and Yu agreed to go ahead, introduce ourselves and see what’s up, with Maldron and Andreas sneaking about nearby to help if anything went down.  Brian and Yu approached, looking friendly and greeting the villagers, who looked like they hadn’t seen anyone from outside of the village for a while.  The village elder was called (Ulrich) and we asked if they were friendly and if they had anything to trade.  Ulrich seemed suspicious and, although not outwardly hostile, seemed to indicate that he wanted as little do with us as possible.

Maldron took this opportunity to show himself, shouting from a nearby rooftop.  This clearly flustered Ulrich and made him even more suspicious of us.  Maldron explained our situation and that we were courageously off to defeat giant on the mountain to free the lady and rid the land of evil (or something).  He laughed, quickly coming to the conclusion that we weren’t of any danger and jokingly wished us luck, offering to let us stay the night at the village if needs be, which we took up.

Naturally, we did some probing as to why he had been so cautious, with Ulrich muttering something along the lines of “not wanting to lose any more people”, but not wanting to go any more into it and didn’t want any help, it not being our business and all.  We set up camp in the common room and turned in for the night.

On Brian’s watch however, one of the village’s young ladies quietly spoke to him about losing other villagers to goblin attacks, including Ulrich’s wife.  Brian passed watch onto Maldon, informing him of this development, who started his watch outside and soon saw some humanoid figures just outside the range of the village, away from anywhere the villagers would need to go, although not causing any trouble at this point.  Come morning, he passed this information back to Brian, who had decided enough was enough.

Brian stormed over to Ulrich’s house (/village hall) and beat the door down early in the morning and started yelling at Ulrich for being a bad village eldar, letting his villagers fear for their lives and not request any help in the matter.  He demanded to know where the camp might be and that they were going to solve this issue.  Yu was unhappy about this and wanted to offer an alternative suggestion of allowing any villagers to travel to the giant’s foot if they wanted, but no-one took him up on the offer.  Determined to try and rid the village of the goblins instead, the party set off into the woods and started tracking where the goblin camp might be, happening across it after about a 2 hour trek.

The goblin’s camp appeared to contains 4 reasonably scrawny goblins, some sort of goblin dog, a campfire and some racks of dried meet.  We were slightly outnumbered, but would have the element of surprise, so we needed to come up with a plan…

(This session was quite short as we lost a lot of time making “lusty bench” [sic] jokes after one of our GM’s models for the village was a little more alluring than expected)


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