Pathfinder: The Story So Far

So, I wanted to keep posting what happened in pathfinder session here, but I’m now something like 6 behind, so I’ll take a couple of posts to catch up (probably 2 sessions per post).

So, reminder:
Brian – Me – Dwarven Sorcerer
Yu – Craig – Half-Orc Monk
Maldon – David – Human Rogue
Andreas – Fernando – Elven fighter

So after the events of the cave of riddles (Maldron got stabby, Andreas was being awkward, we took too long to work out a riddle), we returned to the surface and the little hut, knocked Maldron out and roped him to the sled (David wasn’t able to make the session).

We stayed at the hut overnight and took turns keeping watch, but didn’t see anything special.  We set out the next day with the aim of reaching a settlement at the bottom of a mountain called the giant’s foot.

In the morning, we returned to progressing through the forest and after going around in circles for a bit (Andreas was leading us, but we got lost), we reached the edge of a large lake, where we could see the giant’s foot on the other side.  It looked to be about a day’s trek around the lake (we didn’t have a boat and soon found that probably wouldn’t have been the best of ideas anyway)

We had just started our lakeside trek when something jumped out of the lake and let out a tremendous roar.  Some sort of half-shark, half seal had lept from the water and perched itself on the edge of the land.  While it was a mild distraction, it didn’t really faze any of us, this had been a weird place and we’d started to get used to the weird creatures.

A little further along a large boulder suddenly attacked us.  This came as a bit of a surprise until we realised it was actually a large crab.  As a weakened party (Maldron still unconscious on the sled), this guy looked like he might be tough, but after a touch of mage armor, Yu was all but invincible to it and, with help from acid (and none from Andreas, who was less invincible to the crab), punched it straight through the face.

Crabmeat seemed like a great idea for dinner, so we set about lashing it to the sled as well.  However, at this moment another half-shark, half-seal leapt from the water with another giant roar.  Again, Brian was unfazed, if a little miffed by the constant disturbances, but he turned around to find Andreas and Yu fleeing into the forest screaming.  Keen not to lost his dinner, Brian started dragging the dead crab up the beach, although was being gained on by the monstrosity.  In a bid to distract it, Brian reached through the hole where it’s face had been and yanked out a hunk of meat, throwing it as an offering.  The seal-shark wolfed it down and semi-reluctantly turned around and headed back to the sea.  Brian that took a seat and waiting for the others to stop running away and to return.

Then we leveled up, ding!


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