Pathfinder: The Fishing Village Saga Pt 1

Brian – Me – Dwarven Sorcerer
Yu – Craig – Half-Orc Monk
Maldon – David – Human Rogue
Andreas – Fernando – Elven fighter

After Andreas and Yu sheepishly returned from their jaunt through the woods, Maldron had the good grace to wake up as well.  Completely oblivious of the damage we’d dealt him, he just thought that he’d had a nap.  We carried on around the lake and quickly came across a ring, surrounded by rocks with what appeared to be dried blood in a rough circle around it.  Shortly thereafter, we spotted a small village just a bit further along.

Not knowing what to expect (we’d mostly met goblins so far), Brian and Yu agreed to go ahead, introduce ourselves and see what’s up, with Maldron and Andreas sneaking about nearby to help if anything went down.  Brian and Yu approached, looking friendly and greeting the villagers, who looked like they hadn’t seen anyone from outside of the village for a while.  The village elder was called (Ulrich) and we asked if they were friendly and if they had anything to trade.  Ulrich seemed suspicious and, although not outwardly hostile, seemed to indicate that he wanted as little do with us as possible.

Maldron took this opportunity to show himself, shouting from a nearby rooftop.  This clearly flustered Ulrich and made him even more suspicious of us.  Maldron explained our situation and that we were courageously off to defeat giant on the mountain to free the lady and rid the land of evil (or something).  He laughed, quickly coming to the conclusion that we weren’t of any danger and jokingly wished us luck, offering to let us stay the night at the village if needs be, which we took up.

Naturally, we did some probing as to why he had been so cautious, with Ulrich muttering something along the lines of “not wanting to lose any more people”, but not wanting to go any more into it and didn’t want any help, it not being our business and all.  We set up camp in the common room and turned in for the night.

On Brian’s watch however, one of the village’s young ladies quietly spoke to him about losing other villagers to goblin attacks, including Ulrich’s wife.  Brian passed watch onto Maldon, informing him of this development, who started his watch outside and soon saw some humanoid figures just outside the range of the village, away from anywhere the villagers would need to go, although not causing any trouble at this point.  Come morning, he passed this information back to Brian, who had decided enough was enough.

Brian stormed over to Ulrich’s house (/village hall) and beat the door down early in the morning and started yelling at Ulrich for being a bad village eldar, letting his villagers fear for their lives and not request any help in the matter.  He demanded to know where the camp might be and that they were going to solve this issue.  Yu was unhappy about this and wanted to offer an alternative suggestion of allowing any villagers to travel to the giant’s foot if they wanted, but no-one took him up on the offer.  Determined to try and rid the village of the goblins instead, the party set off into the woods and started tracking where the goblin camp might be, happening across it after about a 2 hour trek.

The goblin’s camp appeared to contains 4 reasonably scrawny goblins, some sort of goblin dog, a campfire and some racks of dried meet.  We were slightly outnumbered, but would have the element of surprise, so we needed to come up with a plan…

(This session was quite short as we lost a lot of time making “lusty bench” [sic] jokes after one of our GM’s models for the village was a little more alluring than expected)


Pathfinder: The Story So Far

So, I wanted to keep posting what happened in pathfinder session here, but I’m now something like 6 behind, so I’ll take a couple of posts to catch up (probably 2 sessions per post).

So, reminder:
Brian – Me – Dwarven Sorcerer
Yu – Craig – Half-Orc Monk
Maldon – David – Human Rogue
Andreas – Fernando – Elven fighter

So after the events of the cave of riddles (Maldron got stabby, Andreas was being awkward, we took too long to work out a riddle), we returned to the surface and the little hut, knocked Maldron out and roped him to the sled (David wasn’t able to make the session).

We stayed at the hut overnight and took turns keeping watch, but didn’t see anything special.  We set out the next day with the aim of reaching a settlement at the bottom of a mountain called the giant’s foot.

In the morning, we returned to progressing through the forest and after going around in circles for a bit (Andreas was leading us, but we got lost), we reached the edge of a large lake, where we could see the giant’s foot on the other side.  It looked to be about a day’s trek around the lake (we didn’t have a boat and soon found that probably wouldn’t have been the best of ideas anyway)

We had just started our lakeside trek when something jumped out of the lake and let out a tremendous roar.  Some sort of half-shark, half seal had lept from the water and perched itself on the edge of the land.  While it was a mild distraction, it didn’t really faze any of us, this had been a weird place and we’d started to get used to the weird creatures.

A little further along a large boulder suddenly attacked us.  This came as a bit of a surprise until we realised it was actually a large crab.  As a weakened party (Maldron still unconscious on the sled), this guy looked like he might be tough, but after a touch of mage armor, Yu was all but invincible to it and, with help from acid (and none from Andreas, who was less invincible to the crab), punched it straight through the face.

Crabmeat seemed like a great idea for dinner, so we set about lashing it to the sled as well.  However, at this moment another half-shark, half-seal leapt from the water with another giant roar.  Again, Brian was unfazed, if a little miffed by the constant disturbances, but he turned around to find Andreas and Yu fleeing into the forest screaming.  Keen not to lost his dinner, Brian started dragging the dead crab up the beach, although was being gained on by the monstrosity.  In a bid to distract it, Brian reached through the hole where it’s face had been and yanked out a hunk of meat, throwing it as an offering.  The seal-shark wolfed it down and semi-reluctantly turned around and headed back to the sea.  Brian that took a seat and waiting for the others to stop running away and to return.

Then we leveled up, ding!

Club100 Rnd 2 – Rye House (Was wet)

Coming up to last Sunday, I was acutely aware of the forecast.  Rain the previous night, but due to be clear and sunny until about 11am when some heavy showers might kick in.  This meant that while qualifying might be dry, the races would be wet, something I’m not too used to dealing with in the club100s after an almost entirely dry year last year.

I had two 15 minute sessions of practice in the morning, on a track that was drying from the night before.  The first was mostly dry, yet puddles changed the lines around some corners.  My times weren’t amazing, but were sensible and I stayed out of trouble.  The second session was completely dry and I could start to really get the lap times down.  By the end of the session, I was only 10th fastest, but this turned out to be only 0.3 seconds behind the leader in an oddly close practice session.

As predicated, the track was still dry when we came to qualifying.  I was out in the first group, although a very light drizzle put me on edge and told me I’d need to set a fast lap as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, I got stuck in all heaps of traffic for the first couple of laps.  After navigating some slower people, with similarly paced drivers still around me, I backed off a bit to give myself a couple of seconds gap.  This did the trick and was half a second faster than anything else I set the session.  Being called for weigh-in at the end told me it was good and a quick jog to the timing screens told me I was top!

The next session just got underway when the torrential rain started.  No-one had set a time, so the “differing sessions” rule would be applied, with my session lining up on the right and the second session lining up on the left of the grid.  The plus side of this meant that I had pole, yay!  The downside was everyone in the second session had a taste of the wet conditions and would likely start of a little stronger in the races.

Given my lack of experience in the wet recently, I was focused on damage control: not spinning.  The first race ended up being on a track that was in the process of drying and there were already a few dry patches.  Care would still be required though.  As pole-man pace-setter at the start, I dropped the hammer as late as possible so that I would’ve have to guess the braking point into the first corner too much.  The inside line was slippery though and second place ran around the outside of me.  He had the jump leading up to the infield hairpin but went wide and I retook the place (I was very strong at the infield hairpin all day, not sure what it was).  A bit more dicing gave him the inside going into the last corner, but I turned on a dry patch on the outside of the corner and shot past down the straight.  My pace wasn’t enough though and repeated mistakes in complex Nouvelle left me losing places until I dropped to 4th.  A quick look behind told me I wasn’t in any danger of dropping any further, but I didn’t have enough pace to challenge and bring any positions back.

A 4th place finish meant a 4th place start for race 2 (under last years rules, I would’ve been 5th, so I had pretty good pace compared to the field as a whole).  The race started in the midst of the end of another shower, making the track a lot wetter.  I still felt pretty comfortable, but was aware I’d need to be careful not to spin.


Me in the #8 kart in my shiny (but slightly hidden) new racesuit

The start was a little scrapier, briefly dropping to 8th on the first corner, but my strong performance at the hairpin madeup for it.  The little battle I was involved in got pretty intense and the top 3 quickly broke away.  A battle I had with two others was quickly joined by a fourth when they got the jump on all of us up the inside of stadium.  Finally working my way past the previous two battlees, I started putting pressure on the guy who’d snuck past us.  I was faster into Pylon and the infield hairpin and got alongside a couple of times, but their strength at the final corner always let them pull away.  While frustrating, I kept the kart pointing in the right direction until the end and finished a respectable 5th, which made up for being completely covered in rain water and grit.

A 4th and 5th goes some way to recovering from the poor day at Buckmore, but I’ll need to keep the momentum going to Lydd and hopefully to Whilton (which was a weak track for me last year).  My exclusion from Buckmore’s first race means I’m only 22nd in the championship, but that score will be dropped by the end of the season and the results so far are competitive enough to be running towards the top (aside from the championship leader with 4 wins, the top results are quite spread out).  Lydd is in 3 weeks and marks the beginning of my month of chaos, so the waiting being anew…

The full (official) race report can be found on the club100 site here:

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