Mille Fail

So last weekend (the same weekend as the karting, I have a backlog of posts to make that I keep forgetting to make), I attempted to use up the rest of the puff pastry from Toni’s birthday to make Mille Feuille.

The recipe I followed was this one:

The picture of the best slice:

(This is mid-slide)

So, I learned three things

  1. After cooking the pastry, the slice in the middle will probably be the thickest, put this on the bottom, not in the middle.
  2. The best way is to make it in one batch, so 3 layers of puff pastry, all of the filling and then cut it later.  However, when cutting it, try and slice sideways rather than down, otherwise you lose all of your filling.
  3. If you do cut the pastry first, make sure it has time to cool, otherwise it will melt the custard and cream and slide straight off.

It looks even less fancy because of the lack of chocolate marbling on it, but having reached this point, I decided it wasn’t going to add to the flavour and it wasn’t going to make it look any prettier.

On the flip side, it was very nice.  The puff pastry was still lovely and buttery and the custard was divine.  All together it was a wonderful mess, but that was also part of the problem.  But yeah, I’ve got things to learn for if I ever try again.


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