Food Extravaganza!

So on Saturday and Sunday last weekend, I prepd and served Toni’s birthday surprise, a five course meal!  I actually did ten courses last year, so one could call me comparatively lazy, but more effort and care went into each dish than last year.

I also made homemade mackerel pate (Toni’s favourite) and homemade saffron bread rolls for breakfast, which is what I did last year (although with shop-bought pate)

First course were “Sole and Wild Mushroom Bouchées” (I didn’t know what the were before, that’s just what they’re called in the recipe book and they looked like a nice starter


(They did look a little better than this, but starting to eat them seemed like a greater priority than taking a picture)

One of the big things about these ones was I made my own puff pastry for them.  That whole thing that other recipes tell you about just getting it shop bought because it’s basically the same/better?  Complete lies!  The pastry was gorgeous and I’ve got some left over to make Mille Feuilles this week 🙂  So yeah, if you’ve got a day in advance to spend constantly taking some dough out of the fridge to roll it, fold it, it’s totally worth it.

Next up were smoked salmon scotch eggs

Nothing too special about these, although I’ve never really tried anything like them before and was impressed with how neat they came out (and Toni had no idea what they could be before cutting into them).  They were very tasty though.  This was a bbc food recipe you can find here

For main was my special chicken teriyaki recipe.


This is my own developed recipe and had some more authentic ingredients this time (I found mirin!) although it ended up tasting much the same.  Still, I’m yet to find a restaurant version that I prefer!

For pre-dessert, I had made a trio of sorbets, all tea flavoured!
This was what made the kithcne smell amazing on thursday, these brewing away in some bowls before I put them in the freezer.  From left to right they were Earl grey, green tea and chai.  The Chai one in particular was fantastic, although very sweet.  Definitely something I’ll try and make again.

Last up was the piece de la resistance


An Easter egg (yes, I know it’s not Easter yet, but they didn’t have any better moulds), with a slive of Buche de Noel inside (French Christmas log with chestnuts, yes I know it’s not christmas either).  This is tual a bit of a cheat picture as the one on the right is a separate slice (mine) as I tried to melt open the easter egg with a hot chocolate sauce, but basically just made a mess…

So that’s the fruits of a weekend of cooking!  Toni thoroughly enjoyed it and I enjoyed it myself as well (although probably the eating more than the baking).  I do need to get better at this whole taking pictures of food malarky though…


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