DJ Sushi?

I’ve started work on Toni’s birthday stuff (which is on Saturday).  I’d talk about it more, but I know she reads this and I want to keep it a surprise. The kitchen did smell goooooood last night though 🙂

Also, I finished my first game of 2016 yesterday, yay!  Was actually a game I hadn’t been trying to finish before now, Splatoon.  Definitely my favourite game of last year, but the campaign was secondary to the core experience.  I’d been roughly half way through the campaign and had some time last night, so decided to blitz through the rest of it (it’s not too long).  My completion criteria is all of the campaign collectibles, the amiibo levels, level 50 and S rank, so I may be a little off of that still.

Jumped online afterwards and went back to using a charger (a more sniper type weapon) and realized I’m a hell of a lot better at doing that than trying to use the shorter range stuff.  I ended the evening with a turf war game where from having held a defensive position in the middle of the map, I finished with just shy of 1000 points, 8 kills and 0 deaths, with my team romping the victory.


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