Normal Bloggery Stuff

I’ve not had enough to write a whole blog post about in the past week or so, but enough things have probably piled up now to make a few bullet point updates.

-Running is ramping up heavily (although hampered a little the past couple of days by a cold).  I ran almost 50km last week, ending in a 22km run (in stupid winds).  I now feel more prepared for the marathon than for the first karting event.

-The first round of the karting championship is in a little over two weks now and I don’t feel prepared.  I’m not sure there’s all that much I CAN do, but it will have been 3 months since I last raced, so I probably just worry I’m going to be a little rusty.  I’ve got an hour’s session practice in the morning, so it should all be fine…

-I ordered the racesuit, which should just about arrive in time.  I went with a slightly modified red vs blue design in the end, following a discussion that the tron one might look a bit generic.

-Last week’s D&D was reasonably uneventful (we got attacked by some goblins, Brian was loud, Maldred stabbed stuff, Yu punched stuff, Andreas was naked and overslept).  It’s my turn to write out what happened this week, which was a little more eventful, so  I’ll probably just turn that into a blog post too

-Made these for dinner this evening and may have a new top contender in the “Quick, easy and tasty” category 🙂


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