Everyone! Get in here!

The weekend before last I went to my first Hearthstone Fireside gathering/tournament at Loading bar.  I wouldn’t consider myself to be particularly good at Hearthstone, I’ve played it a bit every month for almost two years now, but the lowest level I’ve reached is 14…  However, I’m competitive and it seemed like quite a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Needless to say, I didn’t last long.  I lost my first match 3 games to nothing and that was pretty much it.  This does, however betray my chances a bit as were it not for a really dumb mistake I probably could’ve won the second game, plus I comfortably won the friendly we played afterwards while waiting for the next round.

I played some other non-tournament games with some other people and it turns out Hearthstone is much more enjoyable to play when you can see your opponent, deliberating across the table.  It was actually a really fun afternoon (even given the trek to get there takes just over an hour), the only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been if it was in an actual tavern, with roaring fires and stuff, so that’s the next big kickstarter project sorted…


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