I’m surrounded by idiots…

We had our first proper Pathfinder (D&D) session last night, which was…rough.  It would be cliche to say that the dice hate us, but that’s pretty much it.  It was really good fun though

Our party of 4 woke up in a crypt, having been transported there mysteriously from our day to day lives, not previously knowing each other.  We got out of our various stone coffins, some with more ease than others (After everyone else struggling, despite having thee lowest strength, I basically threw the lid off and into the wall).  Our rogue (Eldred) went to check what was in the next room, rolled a 1 and alerted all of the skeletons, which then hit high and hard, disabling him before he was able to retaliate.

Despite my protests, both of the others ran forward down the corridor, giving me some accuracy issues (was rolling more than high enough to hit them unobstructed).  Before killing any of the 3 skeletons, one of the others (Andreas, a fighter elf) was also disabled, probably deserved given he was trying to attack skeletons with a spear… Just afterwards, I finally melted one of the skeletons with acid, giving us our first semi-success.

Given it was now 2v1 at close range, and our half-orc monk (Yu, that led to a lot of dumb jokes) still refused to back away, I summoned a humanoid shaped light to give another target (because skeletons are dumb). Yu finally rolled some hits and rolled top damage on each skeleton, completely disintegrating both of them, ending up 2HP away from leaving me as the last one standing…

To finish things off, I used some cheap tricks to make it look like Andreas had soiled his pants.  I’ve decided I’m going to be nice to people, but be increasingly derisive when they screw up 🙂


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