Totem Time!

Finally got around to playing Triforce heroes today with Toni and another friend, which turned out to be gloriously dumb fun, as any good co-op game tends to be.  The story leaves a little to be desired, the most generous way of describing it would be a parody of other Zelda games, but it kind of works because it cuts through the rubbish and let’s you just play the co-op missions.

The main mechanic is picking other players up to gain height, but this leads to some issues on the dismounts, with people frequently ending up in lava, sometimes deliberately.  All hell really broke loose when we all got boomerangs, which can now pick up other players…

The bonus missions seemed properly difficult as well, with us making numerous attempts to complete the timed version of just the very first level.  The communication that we’d started to do so well at completely fell apart under pressure…


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