Chris runs stupidly far…

So I’ve got two big running events already lined up this year.  The first is Wings for Life World run on the 8th May.  Basically you start running, half an hour later a chaser car sets off and your race ends when the car overtakes you.  I’ve done it the past two years reaching 24km and 27km respectively.  This year, I’m looking at improving that further, but may be hindered by the other event.

Two weeks earlier the London Marathon is taking place, for which I’ve got a ballot place, yay!  The furthest I’ve done before is a little over half marathon (27km in wings for life involved a bit of walk-jog-walk-jog towards the end), so a full marathon will be a new challenge for me.

I’m intending to take the opportunity to raise some money, as it’s both two events I’m doing , plus I’m going a little further than normal.  My charity will be Wings for Life (spinal cord research), as I do think it’s a fantastic charity and Red Bull pays all the admin fees.  I haven’t set up a page yet, but I’ll probably do that soon…


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