And breathe…

Things are looking to be heading in the right direction for Toni’s final year project, so the atmosphere is a little more calm now.  I even have time to start writing this before midnight 🙂

I made a Quinoa Mac & Cheese (without the mac) last night, which was actually really nice.  Don’t be fooled by the use of quinoa, it’s not at all healthy, there’s still 50g cheese and 3 rashers of bacon per portion. Recipe is here if you’re interested, although I might make some as yet undecided tweaks when I make it in the future.

I’ve got quite a lot of recipes that I like making now, both sticking the original and with various modifications.  I’m not up for turning this into a food blog, but will almost certainly post some recipes from time to time (also, looking at the usual food blogs, I need to take tons of pictures of the food and have a long winding irrelevant anecdote about my 2 dogs)


P.S. I don’t actually have any dogs

P.P.S.  I only wrote my name up there so I could do a P.S., how should P.Ss normally work on blogs?


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