Saw that coming…

So my nephew kicked my butt at Splatoon.  I mean it wasn’t a complete walkover, I won a turf war (which really doesn’t work as a 1v1), had a very close back and forth tower control (which does) that he won, then he trounced me at rainmaker (also doesn’t work as a 1v1).  I could wax lyrical about losing because of not choosing the right weapons, or being out of practice, or playing on a smaller TV, but ultimately the difference is at this very point, I’m not as good.  I was playing some turf war online afterwards and think I’m getting back into the swing of things, but there’s still work to do…

While Splatoon was my game of 2015, Xenoblade is an early contender for 2016.  I still haven’t played enough to solidfy my views on the game as a whole, but 45 hours in, I’m really enjoying it.  The battle system is enough to keep me entertained, I’m finding the story and sidequests both interesting and entertaining and they game looks lovely too.  Exploring the huge open world is a joy, but I sometimes wish once I reach the top of a mountain, I could just glide to somewhere else I can see

I might do something I’ve meant to do for the past few years and start a page of games I’ve played, finished (story-wise) and completed (100%) this year…



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